The following is a summary of different type of piping systems we normally install.

Basic Utilities:

Compressed air, steam, condensate, gas, chilled water, cooling tower water, etc. These systems are normally installed with carbon steel or copper. Also, these system have been installed underground with a pre-insulated jacketed piping material, using butt weld, socket weld, screwed, vic taulic grooved or solder, with various schedules and grades of pipe.

Process Piping:

Various food grade products, material convey systems, waste treatment, auto industries, resin and plastics industries, manufacturing industries, chemical processing, water purification, and ammonia piping.

Specialty Piping:

    Carbon steel lined (Teflon, PVDF, PP)
    Jacketed pipe (core pipe with outer pipe jacket) carbon or stainless steel
    Sanitary stainless steel (tri clover type connections) heli-arc
    Heat fusion corrosive resistance containment pipe
    Stainless steel in various schedule (10 thru 160), 304, 316
    CPVC, FRP, aluminum along with other specialty metals

Joining Methods:

    Weld (tig, mig, arc), butt weld, socket weld
    Solder/ brazing
    Bolted coupling (morris)

Millwright Services:

Specialty Mechanical Services, Inc. also can also be sole source provider for all of your millwright needs. Since around 1980, we have actively kept on staff our own millwrights and iron workers.

    Equipment installation
    Equipment relocation
    Conveyor installation
    Equipment alignment
    Steel fabrication (personal platforms, catwalks, equipment platforms)
    Heavy rigging

We have relationships with other crafts (electrical, civil, controls and engineering) to offer a turn-key installation project.

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